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Sustainable cities

More and more people want to travel sustainably. Picking cities that put eco at the top of the agenda for your next holiday destination is a good way to support initiatives that benefit us all.

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Madrid – pedestrian party town

There are more reasons than great tapas, fun nights out and a splendid atmosphere to attract visitors to Madrid. Since late 2018, the only cars allowed in the city center are those that don’t pollute. Only zero-emissions vehicles are allowed to drive through inner Madrid, an initiative that puts the Spanish capital way ahead of other eco-friendly cities.

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Copenhagen – bike nation

Nine in 10 Danes own a bicycle and they cycle on average 1.6 km every day. In its quest to be 100% CO2-neutral by 2025, Copenhagen has upped the ante on cycling even more than previously. There are now more than 400km of bicycle routes in the city and bicycles already outnumbered cars a couple of years ago. The challenge ahead? Making sure more cyclists don’t lead to traffic jams.

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Lisbon – a green jewel

If you want great food, gorgeous weather and stunning surfing in a city leading the way in green transformation, go to Lisbon, which has been named the European Green Capital of 2020, thanks to its ambitious efforts to green the Portuguese capital. It already halved CO2 emissions in 2016 and is now fast at work implementing a city-wide sustainable urban mobility plan, which further restricts cars and prioritizes cycling, walking and public transport. It also helps that the vast majority (76%) of Lisboans live within 300m of green space.

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Singapore – the Garden City

It calls itself the Garden City and pushes an image of green clean wherever it promotesitself. Singapore has indeed come far in its quest to become the world’s greenest city and promises to incorporate green aspects into new building projects all over the city-state. Perhaps its most successful green project is Gardens by the Bay, where visitors can explore the region’s rich horticulture in what appears to be a dreamscape of giant green trees and lush tropical fauna.

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